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Tower Square  Consulting

Organizations facing an investigation, litigation, or regulatory inquiry must prioritize the handling of electronic data and data sources to maximize success and mitigate enterprise risk. Tower Square Consulting uses decades of experience in the legal and technical fields to help its clients make and defend complex decisions regarding electronic data and data sources, allowing them to correctly handle, properly assess, and effectively use potentially valuable sources of evidence while avoiding costly mistakes.

Our Services
How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Tower Square Consulting is the right firm to help you manage the complex questions that arise at the intersection of law and technology. It offers consulting services to organizations, and their counsel, in the areas of: (1) Litigation and Investigation Support; (2) Cyber and Incident Response; and (3) Expert Services.

Litigation and Investigation Support

Tower Square Consulting offers Litigation and Investigation Support services focused on: the nature and scope of traditional and cyber investigations; the preservation, collection, handling, use, processing, and production of electronic data; discovery issues; digital forensic and electronic discovery protocols and procedures; litigation hold issues; and consulting on whether digital forensic analysis is advisable based on the time, effort, and cost involved and the likelihood of success.  


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Cyber and Incident Response

Tower Square Consulting offers Cyber and Incident Response services focused on: project management support for cyber incidents; advising Boards of Directors and C-Suite executives on cyber issues; consulting on cyber and digital forensic tools and cyber insurance; developing, reviewing, or assessing incident response plans and procedures; and testing existing incident response plans and procedures by facilitating tabletop exercises. 

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Expert Services

Tower Square Consulting offers Expert Services in the form of expert reports, affidavits, and expert testimony on issues in the areas of digital forensics, incident response, electronic discovery, investigations, and data security and privacy. Topics include: (1) assessing the nature, scope, and appropriateness of electronic discovery, digital forensic, or electronic discovery investigations; (2) cost and burden analysis; and (3) discovery issues.

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"Bryan Rose's analytical skills and judgment are unrivaled in 'bet the company' incident responses, regulatory and enforcement matters, and technical challenges in litigation. He's the person general counsels and directors want and need." 
John Curran, Partner, Walden Macht & Haran LLP 
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