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Litigation and Investigation Support

The proper handling and use of electronic data and data sources is critical in any investigation, litigation, or regulatory inquiry. Tower Square Consulting helps organizations mitigate enterprise risk and gain tactical advantages from electronic data and data sources by: 

  • Determining or assessing the proper scope of traditional or cyber investigations, including in the areas of digital forensics and incident response;

  • Assessing what electronic data or data sources should be preserved and/or collected and recommending the best and most cost-efficient methods to preserve or collect electronic data while maintaining its evidentiary value;

  • Developing, reviewing, and advising on electronic discovery or digital forensic protocols and procedures for the preservation, collection, analysis, and/or production of electronic data, including advising on maintaining data privacy and security during the discovery process;

  • Strategizing on discovery issues, including advising on meet and confers, identifying data for production, working to compel the production of relevant data from opposing parties, and providing guidance on litigation hold compliance and implementation issues;

  • Assessing what information or evidence is potentially available from electronic data sources, including but not limited to laptop and desktop computers, mobile phones, email, and removable storage devices; and

  • Advising on whether pursuing specific digital forensic efforts is advisable based on the time, effort, and cost involved, as well as the likelihood that such analysis will produce relevant information.

Tower Square Consulting uses decades of legal and technical experience to help clients make and defend complex decisions regarding electronic data and data sources, allowing them to properly handle, assess, and use those potentially valuable sources of evidence while avoiding costly mistakes.

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