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Cyber and Incident Response

In today's world where organizations must navigate cyber threats from both insiders and sophisticated outsiders (including nation states and organized criminal groups), Cyber and Incident Response are areas of significant enterprise risk for organizations. Tower Square Consulting helps mitigate this risk by:

  • Providing project management support for cyber incidents by identifying and coordinating the right resources to minimize economic and reputational damage to the business;

  • Advising Boards of Directors and C-Suite executives on cyber security issues and incident response preparedness;

  • Consulting on cyber-related issues, including digital forensic and incident response tools and cyber insurance coverage;

  • Improving preparedness by developing or reviewing incident response plans and procedures; and

  • Testing existing incident response plans and procedures by facilitating tabletop exercises.

Tower Square Consulting uses decades of experience in the legal and technical fields to help minimize risk and reduce possible economic and reputational damage by ensuring that organizations are properly prepared for, and able to quickly respond to, cyber events or incidents.

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